Oxy Capital Italia was founded with the mission of helping the Italian entrepreneurial and lending system to relaunch and value enhance the country’s industrial heritage and know-how.


Oxy operates in partnership with both entrepreneurs and creditors, through innovative schemes that align interests from the different parts. At the same time, it places new financial and human resources needed for the relaunch of businesses that have important industrial assets but are undergoing a period of stress and financial difficulties.


The Milan office was founded in 2015 and currently operates with 10 professionals of which 2 founding partners that have over 50 years of cumulated experience in Management Consulting and turnaround of companies in crisis. Oxy Partners have also had direct roles as CEO and CRO of firms during periods of turnaround and carry a broad network of relations with managers, entrepreneurs, bank representatives, financial and industrial advisors that allow for a quick and effective access to international knowledge and best practices.